Smith - March 2009

Pictures received in March 2009
Loved that cake. What's going on back there. Discovering what is in those stockings. Aunt Jana and Uncle Nate sent new pajamas.
Luke getting another present from under their tree. All decked out in those new pajamas. Rachel made thse animal towels for the kids for Christmas. Joshua opening his birthday presents.
A sister with a nose stud. Preaching at a conference. Guests to area-wide meeting use tents. Children... everywhere.
Jeremy and Martha going to worship. Jeremy preaching at area-wide conference. Some ladies at the area-wide conference. Showing a brother how to text on his cell phone.
Playing ball in the driveway at home. Where we receive visitors. Andrew with the timer. How do I get this battery to fit in here.
Our layers provide us with eggs. Adding on a larger porch to host activities. Making cards welcoming Abby and Emma back. Visiting with Ali and his wife at their home.
Our houseworker with his wife and new baby. Talking with Grandpa on the telephone. Breakfast, fresh papaya every day. Workers building a small porch in front of the guest house.
Painting the new school room. Jeremy mounting the white board in the school room. Jeremy the blacksmith making a drill bit. The drill bit worked.
Grandma and Martha painting the school room. Fastening the beams to the wall. Stockings all hung up with care! The new fort Jeremy made the kids for Christmas.
Joshua's first birthday cupcakes. Joshua's first birthday.