Smith - January 2008

Pictures received in January 2008
Martha and the boys sit through Jeremy's lesson. Jeremy teaches in Makua in the city of Pemba. The Pemba church members select a site for baptising some new believers. Jeremy baptises a man from Utivira.
Luke and Andrew roll up on a Makua bed. A seminar in Mukholo ends in many baptisms. Martha and the bosy watch supper being cooked during a seminar in the bush. Luke finds a hole where people dug clay to build their home.
Jeremy peeks out of the roof structures of our guest house. Luke and Andres at Halloween. Luke celebrates his 5th birthday. Luke and his turtle cake.
Jeremy and Alan with their leadership training class. The churches of Christ meet at their annual meeting in Balama. Baby number three makes his appearance. The guest house almost done!
The missionary kids come out of the woodworks for Thanksgiving. Martha and boys with their gread-grandma Geer. Andrews first trip to Dairy Queen. Andrew takes delight in holding his younger cousin Abigail.
Jeremy gives rides to the kids. Luke the Hulk. Aunt Gretchen helps with the gingerbread houses. I finally signed up with Aflack and this is what I got.
Luke holds the duck. Our family and the Allisons. Andrew loves his bike rides. Martha shows off Joshua to Luke and Andrew after the birth.
The midwife weighs Joshua. Martha and Jeremy smile after Joshua's birth. Andrew discovers his stocking. Luke enjoys the Christmas candy.
The joys of Christmas morning. I love this gift. Warming up before the ice show. A cool ice train.
Ice angel over Aunt Nicole and Andrew. It is cold in here. And, here's our baby. Preparing to launch the Mozambican mosquito.
Blast off. My new baby brother. Grandma Allison with the two youngest. Luke's blessing.
Andrew's blessing. Joshua's blessing. Grandma Smith and her little Joshua. Perking up.
Aunt Susanna with the new one. Luke loves his costumes. Allison's with Joshua and Abigail. Joshua gets a checkup.
Relaxing with Dad. It's hard to keep a poker face with a baby in your arms Uncle Jeff. Andrew greets Joshua. My first expedition.
In the doghouse. Martha with Harding roommates. Picnic at the park. A tender moment.
At the Smith's. Uncle Nathan and Joshua. Andrew rides away during his birthday. Andrew's third birthday at Chuck E Cheeses.
Showing off the yellow monster teeth. The hungry caterpillar. Snuggling with Grandpa Smith. Luke gets to hold his new brother.
Aunt Jana and Joshua. Christmas dinner at Smith's in January. Cuuuute. Saying goodnight to Andrew.
Grandma's three boys. Luke goes fishing. Grandpa wears Joshua. Can we go play in the snow.
Bundled up tight. Our first sledding experience. Daddy and Andrew in the halfpipe! Martha takes a turn too.
A great day. On the tramway, going down.