Howell - May 2007

Pictures received in May 2007
At Ikoma for Enezio and Nando. Ekoma for Enezio and Nando. Learning to drive early. Learning to drive early.
I love to get messy. Cute sisters. At Andrew's birthday party. Walking in Daddy's shoes.
Swinging in the yard. The road to Chipembe in the rainy season. Core of the church in Chipembe. Christian Ekoma in Nakwaya.
Christian Ekoma in Nakwaya. We painted our toenails. Trying out the new bathtub. We love playing in the rain.
Our girls love playing in the rain. Chipembe baptisms. Chipembe baptisms. Chipembe baptisms.
Walking back from Chipembe baptisms. Ellie with Saina. Walking back from Chipembe baptisms. Worshipping with the church in Chipembe.
Friends in Chipembe. Chillin in Chipembe. Home from Sunday worship and already had a bath. Lurdes kids come over for lunch.
Posing to make a picture to send to the grandparents. Candida's new baby. Many people like to catch a ride. Road to Nakwaya under water.
Waiting for Ocua baptisms to start. Ocua baptisms. At Ocua weekend conference. Women at Ocua conference.
Kids at Ocua conference. At Ocua conference. Studying with leaders in Ocua. Sunday morning at Ocua conference.
Changing a flat - Easter morning. This is a good road, too. This is a good road. Road to Nakwaya.
Walking to Nakwaya baptisms. Nakwaya baptisms. Nakwaya baptisms. Three new believers in Nakwaya.
Road to Nakwaya. Our new pets - just kidding.