Howell - January 2006

Pictures received in January 2006
Howell family picture - South Africa. Snuggling sisters. Abby, Mr. Bill and Miss Frances. Rachel, Linda and Joyce.
Abby with Connie, Billy and Chandler. Abby with Pop and Rose. Abby with Mr. Larry and Miss Marilyn. Abby with Mr. Jim and Miss Rachel.
Abby and Charlotte Willison. Abby and Barbara Hazelip. Grant, Abby and Andrew. Abby with Aunt Lubby and Uncle Jim.
Alan, Abby and Mr. Doug. Miss Sandra, Abby and Miss Sharon. Costume party at John and Jennifer Green's. Debra, Laura, Beth, Brian and Phillip.
Neil, Kendra and Joshua Cutsinger. Daniel, Rachael and Corban Cherry. Gary, Laura and Nathan Bull. Abby and Michela.
Lewis, Tammy and Michela Short. Abby and Carter. Abby and Aunt Kirsten. Chatch me Uncle James.
Ellie with James and Kirsten. Nana is loving this. Papa's little Ellie. Abby and Papa and Nana.
Four generations. Abby loves peanut butter. Ellie and Aunt Laura. Sweet sisters.
Papa B, Nettie and their granddaughters. Ellie and Uncle Andrew. At Nannies for Christmas. Nannie and Mr Tom got engaged.
Abbie and Uncle Aaron. Abby and Uncle Andrew. Nettie and Abby. Making cookies with Nettie.
Abby and Tanner - kissin' cousins. Great-Grandma with Ellie.