Howell - May 2003

Pictures received in May 2003
View at Castelo St. Jorge. Castelo St. Jorge (Rachel). Castelo St. Jorge (Alan). Museo de Azulejo (tile museum).
In Lisbon ( not San Francisco). Rachel cooking for team night. Buddies Asher and Luke. Ann playing with Asher and Luke.
Seven months pregnant. Edilson (from church) and Smith's. Rio Douro in Porto Portugal. Sunset on the Douro in Porto.
Rio Douro in Porto Portugal. Guys in Porto. Easter morning in Porto. Fort in Peniche Portugal.
Beach in Peniche Portugal. Us on the beach in Peniche. Walled city of Obidos Portugal. Inside entrance gate to Obidos.
Obidos castle. Rachel and Obidos castle. Rachel in Obidos. Obidos street view.
Quaint Obidos. Chad and Amy walking the wall. Team faces in the wall.